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Resist! Refuse! Rebel! -Saturday in Hamilton

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BB will be playing the Resist! Refuse! Rebel! event on Saturday, May 28 in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood. The venue name alone has me excited, because “Ain’t ain’t a word because it ain’t in the dictionary!” Ever been scolded with that one?

We are excited to be playing with the punk band Rackula, and Sarah Mangle. The All Ages event starts at 8 PM and costs 5$. It has an old school feel to it, bringing me back to my days as a young promoter in Eastern Ontario. Calling all punks!!

Sarah Mangle is a friend of BB band members, plus, the members of Rackula all look like the spiritual sisters of Jo Snyder in her Sixty Stories days. You can take a punk out of Winnipeg, but you can’t take Winnipeg out of punk. Punk is full of Winnipeg.

This event is especially close to Betty Burke’s heart because it is in honour of Sexual Violence Awareness month. You can’t open a newspaper lately without seeing a story about a woman being blamed for being assaulted, a judge bringing back the ‘drunkenness defense’ or, as was the case with that New York Times piece, a girl’s mother being blamed for her child being gang raped. Erin and the organizers at the Hamilton Sexual Assault Centre are working to raise awareness at a time when gender non-conformists being attacked and women’s rights are being rolled back – with columnists telling us that if our ankles are showing, we’re asking for it. Welcome back to the 1980s. Remember that great song “Youth Against Fascism” (Ian MacKaye’s only appearance on a major label release, up to that time- maybe since?) – “I believe Anita Hill.” Sing it.

See you there.