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Stevie Wonder in the vitamin aisle

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photo credit: Dr. BertramTales of Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood feature all sorts of musical collisions: Neil Young and Rick James in a band together- wearing yellow, the ghost of Richard Hovey mingling with the memory of Joni Mitchell before the fame.

It was a different world 30 years ago. Now it’s the site of four star hotels and high priced boutiques where movie stars shop with sunglasses on. Every now and then mystical forces get their fingers mixed in the threads of time, and the past and future intermingle, recalling the spirit of those storied days. My DJ friend Mizz Brown was in the Yorkville Whole Foods with Dr. Bertram, when such a slit in the universe opened, and light from a parallel world struck her eye.

Chewing on a sandwich, Mizz Brown raised her head. Directly in front of her, Stevie Wonder was browsing the vitamin aisle.

“When he spoke, it was as if his voice was coming from a parallel world. We hugged, and it was like we’d hugged before… I felt as if two dimensions were crossing, and it was the most natural thing, as if he’d always been there…”

He wore a black silk shirt with “Just be You” embroidered on the pocket, both in Latin alphabet and in Braille.

“I’m your biggest fan” she told him.
“Oh no, you’re not” he said, feigning modesty- or perhaps the man is truly modest.

This was no ordinary celebrity encounter. If it were, it wouldn’t be in this blog. This is the story of two worlds colliding- the world of inspiration and the realm of the real. Stevie Wonder is a material being, yes, but his endless creativity is beyond worldly, and his materialization in the vitamin aisle is a testament to the ever-imminent possibility of a mystical encounter, just beyond the sandwich in your hands.

The photo above is Mizz Brown with Mr Wonder, taken by Dr Bertram.

Mizz Brown spins at the monthly BORN TO RUN DMC night at Parts and Labour in Toronto.

More soon,
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November 27, 2011 at 5:18 am