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Summerworks Sunday: Betty Burke plays closing party- FREE!!

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Pretty soon Betty Burke will play a show that charges admission, but this Sunday you have another chance to see us for zero dollars. Since we have taken on austerity measures (see the post about Max Weinberg’s replacement jumping on stage), we are able to pass on a significant savings to you, the music consumer. All we ask is that you laugh at some of our jokes- and support the Summerworks Festival!

In revoking Summerworks’ Heritage grant at the last minute, the federal government has given the fest a whole lot of community goodwill from audiences that aren’t usually drawn to theatre. I like to be optimistic about these situations, so I wonder, could this be a moment that politicizes an art form that has been… low on activism… in recent years? My friends in the orbit of the notorious Vinge & Mueller theatre circle might protest, but I am speaking of the Canadian context. I don’t doubt the confrontational cred of the creatures currently inhabiting Berlin’s Volksbuhne. Their last Ibsen show caused a national debate about arts funding in Norway.

In any case, art is a route to the truth, and if it offends on occasion, that’s further proof that we have witnessed something greater than mere entertainment. Here’s to Summerworks for giving us more than entertainment.

We hope to see you at the Summerworks closing party, this Sunday, August 14 at 6 PM in the MOCCA parking lot, 952 Queen Street West, Toronto. We play early, so don’t doddle!



Written by bettyburkeband

August 10, 2011 at 6:20 pm